A challenge against oneself, the stopwatch and the opponents.
A different formula for a very special competition that will put a strain on even the most experienced ultra trailers.
A solo challenge to those who will be the fastest in running the 177 km that separate San Candido from Tarvisio along the path 403.

How does it work:
A window of 4 months in which to make your own attempt from 01 June to 30 September.

Each competitor must follow the track respecting the gpx track provided and he will have to do it alone organizing the assistance as he sees fit.

Once completed the route each competitor must send the gpx track to testify the route taken and time and a photo of him at the arrival.

In the month of October, the ranking of the times will be drawn up and announced to the competitors.

The track gpx and road book with useful information will be provided upon registration and after the payment of € 50.

The registration fee entitles the gpx track, the event jersey and the medal.

As with any activity carried out within the “177K – Carnica Ultra Trail” project, part of  the registration fee will be donated to charity in favor of the “Running Ideas” project, which deals with the start-up of sports activities for children with physical disabilities or cognitive or children belonging to families in temporary economic difficulty through the provision of sports scholarships.